Thank You

There are ups and downsYou may sink, you may drownIn the country or towns

But He ensures you are reborn

My knees have been grazed

Many a rainy day I’ve faced

but never turned away His gaze

I’ve always enjoyed His grace
I am so blessed

I’m beyond amazed

I wish I could be more faithful

I wish I could be more grateful
You carry my pain

While I keep just complain

You forgive and forgive again

And stilI I don’t understand
Thank you Jesus

On your hand I`ll hold

You are my hero

And I say it bold


It Ain’t No Joke

And when everybody else is gone
I’ll still stand here by you
When everything else goes left
I’ll still walk by your right

Whenever you feel so alone
Always remember that we are one
And when you feel bereft
Know your man will never run

Let me wipe your tears
Let me enjoy your smile
And when you are here
Hold me for the longest while

Falling Down

I used to have dreams
I used to think things
But life not being what it seems
I got caught in circles and rings

I used to dream big
Way beyond my league
Now its the past I dig
I’m as soiled as a pig

The door to my mind
Violently, emptily, creaks
Bespeaking the void behind
Only the clock tock ticks

I can no longer find sleep
I’m spining, holding on tight
Listening to my heart beep
Fading away with the night

I die every day
I can feel the decay
I’m moving, if to say
Quickly back to clay



A good number of the years have come and gone
Still I feel like it’s yesterday I was born
Their evidence marked on my skin and bone
And times both good and bad, I cast no stones
Indeed, as they say, life is like a movie
The tiny arms on my watch perpetually moving
How unfortunate that I can’t press rewind
And most times I’m left chasing from behind

We make resolutions, we devise strategies
These acts, now I realize, will never cease
We shoot again, regardless how big our previous miss
For each time, we believe we have the right set of keys
A success rides higher than the tides of the seas
A failure cast far off like some bad disease
A selected few get high on the earthly bliss
The rest wriggle through, burdenened, knowing microscopic peace

Over the ages I’ve learnt
It isn’t wrong to be wrong
You’ll mend, if it’s a thing you want
You will chase it, head high, strong
We should serve, with love
And always thank Him above
Quit fear and what society demands
Another beautiful chance, grab her and dance


Hanging out with the greatest stoner from E.Africa – Mr. Aaron Chesire.

Another Chance

Once again the curtains close
Did you enjoy the show?
Were you seated in the front row?
Or did you get in by force?

I know you wrote down your goals
Did you achieve any at all?
Were you constantly hitting a wall?
How hard was your fall?

Are you scared of next year?
Will you overcome that fear?
Do you feel like shedding a tear?
I’ts alright, come lets have a beer

With life, God has paid for your next show
VIP ticket, no standing at the door
To whom much is given, it’s expected
Another chance, this time hit the score


I was born with a soft heart
And Innocently, gave it to the world
After a while, of it people heard
They made it their doormat and it hurt
The world turned me into a cold man
With the hardened heart of a conman
Compassion now a virtue of the past
Lies and hate now seem more just
How hard it is to turn back!
For all around me is more dark
And it scares me how religion barks
They all say he will come back
All talk about harsh hell
Vain attempts to make a rash sell
I predict I”ll die with this heart
hard, cold and ladden with dirt
And I will blame it on earth
You took away half my worth

Give The Run Around

I will begin this tomorrow
Most times, an empty promise
By myself, upon myself

As usual, am never keen to follow
Then comes the deadlines, apologies and sorries
A bunch of excuses, ready on my shelf

And it fills me with sorrow
Am always pressured and full of worries
My sickness though, does sound like an elf


Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of
fun until you get the bill.
-Christopher Parker

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